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Joint Venture

We do deal in joint ventures of real estate building constructions. We have two models of joint ventures, one is business to business another is business to customers. We have a number of organizations who are our partners in developing commercial complexes and residential apartments. On the other hand, we also extend our hand to customers who want to invest in ever growing real estate sector and reap the benefits in terms of money and property.

A vacant piece of land can be a great source of regular income. Many land owners have decided to venture into this source of revenue generation due to the continued growth in the property prices. The property that is strategically connected to highly priced areas can be very valuable asset and much sought for residential purposes. To make most of the benefits from the property, land owners can form a joint venture with us based on the nearby prices. Another option for such land owners is to venture into construction while we help them financially.

A joint venture agreement includes all the details related to construction, profit sharing in percentage, and time frame. Generally, we do not ask land owner to invest any money into the project apart from the locked capital in the form of land. We take all the responsibilities with respect to construction, investment required for construction, and process for obtaining approvals. The profit is split in such a way that it benefits both the parties. The profit split can be 40%-60%, 50%-50% or 70%-30%. It all depends on the type of joint venture made. We also pay the owner an advance of 10 to 12 per cent of the deal as a good will payment at the time of agreement. This payment is non-refundable.

In joint venture deal with us, the owner has the right to demand to check the building plan and size, carpet area and built-up area along with the amenities provided inside the living areas and common areas. We let the owner check approvals and the sanctions obtained for water, electricity and sewage connections. Getting exposed to these approvals give the plot owner a complete picture about where the project stands and whether it is proceeding based on the timeline that was planned by the builder.

We are open to all means from a small investor to big investor. Hence, come and join us and let your financial instrument boom like never before