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Being an organisation that provides one stop solution for all your property requirements, we do deal in maintenance services. We expand this to all the customers ranging from Resident Indian to Non-Resident Indian. Many Indians are worried about their property as they are out of India for long. However, the worry is no more, we take care of your existing property and convert it in to a money-making instrument and maintain it like our own property. Further, if you want to invest in new properties, we are there to help you with all your queries and the real estate process. For Resident Indians, we provide numerous excellent and affordable maintenance services to keep their house clean and damage free. We provide preventive and ongoing maintenance, repairs to correct problems or malfunctions, and construction and remodel.

Preventive and ongoing maintenance – Preventive and ongoing maintenance requires a thorough knowledge of the property, its needs for upkeep, staffing required to accomplish the tasks, and budgeting. Following are the check list for routine maintenance:

  • Cleaning of common areas.
  • Landscape maintenance.
  • Regular service to heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Periodic inspection of plumbing and electrical items.
  • Proper upkeep of wood, roofing & other building components.

Repairs and Corrective Actions – Repairs and corrective actions come into the picture when things break or cease to function as intended. Sometimes the repair is of an emergency nature, such as a water leakage, or heating malfunction in winter. It is our responsibility to know the difference and to serve the needs of the tenants or owner while balancing costs.

Construction and Re modelling – These are a part of the facility and building maintenance.Remodel or construction of the structure might be required:

  • For special business requirements of a commercial tenant.
  • To correct obsolescence of the structure.
  • To accommodate special physical needs of a tenant.

Our services offer you the confidence that your properties will be overseen by a team of professionals who have their best interest in mind. We are always sensitive in protecting your investment!
We are ready to update, renovate or rehabilitate your rental property. Whether it’s a quick painting project or a complete kitchen or bath remodel our team of skilled professionals are ready to help.