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Services for NRIs

Punjab being the state that has a large number of people residing in other countries, has abundant property to take care of. As an organisation that aims to provide one stop solution for all realtor services, we offer a number of services for NRIs as well. NRIs are worried about their property as they are out of India for long. However, the worry is no more, we take care of your existing property and convert it in to a money-making instrument and maintain it like our own property.

We also offer the following services related to existing property
  • Keep your house clean and damage free
  • Help you to convert your lying property to a source of income.
  • Manage tenants and leasing party.
  • Construction & maintenance.
  • Payment of property tax.
  • Plot management, such as plot appreciation value, legal opinion, and name board installation.
  • Property assessment from buyer’s and seller’s prospective.
  • The current geographic locations in our operations are UK, US and India.
We provide following NRI services for those who would like to invest/buy a property in India
  • Determine your budgets, requirement and suitable location.
  • Expert help and advising in identifying the appropriate location.
  • Understanding your budgets and getting you pre-approved through Foreign Banks as per your choice of bank.
  • Leasing of the property as required to Multinational Companies.
  • Keeping you update of the property market developments in India from time to time.
  • Keeping you free from the intricacies of the real estate processes.